Child Lie Detector App for Android Review

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Here is an interesting app, to coax your child to refrain from lying to you. Child Lie Detector App for Android is nothing of the revolutionary sort whatsoever. But it tricks children into believing that it knows when he/she lies or not, thereby scaring them to tell the truth when the app is running. Child Lie Detector may be downloaded free from Google Play Store. An ad-free version is also available, but for $0.99.

How Child Lie Detector works?

Child Lie Detector App for Android helps to teach your child that lying does not work, and it is not right to be opportunistic. And it drives home the point through a bit of drama. First, open the app, and place your phone on your child’s forehead. Ask questions for which you know answers to, and choose the answer you know is correct (there are green and red buttons indicating ‘True’ and ‘False’ respectively). Now show the answer to your child. This will give them the wrong impression that the application knows the answers to your questions. Once the scene is set, it is time for the real questionnaire. Now, ask your child the questions to which you don’t know the answer. Choose the answer you think is correct, and show the same to the child. Watch as your child learns that they can’t get away with lying!

Child Lie Detector App for Android

If everything goes as planned, slowly but steadily, your child will learn not to hide behind lying. But if he/she is intelligent enough to see through your trick, and eventually figures out the bluff, the app is virtually useless. It ultimately depends upon how clever (or lack thereof) your child is. Child Lie Detector app for Android has a very basic graphical design, with prominent red and green indicators and few menu options. The app is designed to work with Android versions 2.2 (Froyo) and up.

Final Thoughts

Android Child Lie Detector App’s for effectiveness lies in how well you manage to convince your child that it indeed catches any lying red-handed. The procedure for questioning your child is very simple. But it is rendered useless once your child figures out the bluff. So, if to scare you child out of the habit of lying, better do it in the first few attempts before your trick is eventually exposed. Verdict: If your child’s lying is an unsolved problem, Child Lie Detector is something you can consider.

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