Children’s Dictionary iPhone App Review

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Children’s Dictionary iPhone App is developed by Wordsmyth LLC which is used as a written dictionary for students studying in grades 3 to 8. The app consists of a simple user interface with a search box to search for the words and the meaning will be displayed along with pronunciation, parts of speech, features, phrases, definition etc. As Children’s Dictionary iPhone App mainly focuses on middle and elementary school children, it consists of simple controlled vocabulary and easy to understand sentence structure. In addition to this, photos and illustrations are also added to make the child understand the word very easily. The app offers sense selection feature which is really helpful for the children as it sort the different meanings that comes up with the word and displays only what the student requires.

App Highlights

The Children’s Dictionary for iPhone as its name suggests is a child friendly app in all ways, for example, it consists of vulgar word filtering which enables the parents to give their children full freedom in this app. The app consists of around fourteen thousand words in total and none of them shows offensive or vulgar words thereby ensuring that every child who use the app will become good communicators and readers. It also provides the synonym, antonyms and similar with accordance with all our search queries. All these are been described in correspondence with the exact definitions, as there is high probability that each word will have many definitions according to the situation, usage etc. and thereby the synonyms, antonyms etc. will also change.

The most important feature of the Children’s Dictionary iPhone App is that it includes the word explorer feature that improves the children knowledge into different fields, for example, under a topic that is been listed in the app includes many keywords and clicking in these keywords will take them to the definition of new concepts.


Children’s Dictionary iPhone App mainly focuses on English language but also it supports for languages such as Spanish and Chinese. Thereby all words can be translated into either one of the languages and their senses are also will be translated. Overall this app is a very much user friendly, child supported app that aims at providing good knowledge and communication skill to the young ones. The app costs just $3.99 to download from App Store. The app is very much user friendly and it is compatible with iOS devices having iOS version 10.0 or above.

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