Clever Me Math n Shop for iPhone Review

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Clever Me: Math ‘n’ Shop for iPhone is a learning aid that helps you boost your math and memory skills. You can test your skills by playing the grocery store simulator. The app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for HK$ 8.00.


Clever Me: Math ‘n’ Shop for iPhone is a fun way to improve your math skills. In fact, it challenges your math skills as well as observational skills. As long as you have a love for numbers, you’ll like this app. It is perfect for both children and grownups alike. In Clever Me: Math ‘n’ Shop app for iPhone, you your math and memory skills to the test by running a grocery store. Sum up the values of the items in order to get rewarded with coins which raise your score. More precisely, you sum up the values of items with the help of the pricing sheet located on the right side of the screen. Input the values you’ve calculated into the calculator and press ‘Enter’ to submit the value. You’ll be rewarded with coins that’ll help to raise the score. The tutorial comes handy to learn the rules of the game. It has been updated to cover all relevant aspects of the game (it wasn’t so earlier). Facebook integration is also on the way, as per the developers of Clever Me: Math ‘n’ Shop.

Clever Me Math n Shop for iPhone

You can also challenge your friends in leader board to make the highest scores. Once FB integration materializes, you’ll have an option to share your scores in the social network space. The graphics is impressive. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive with no lags whatsoever. Clever Me app is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Clever Me: Math ‘n’ Shop iPhone app is a fun game to test your math as well as observational skills. It set your cerebellum into work, and hence it interests both youngsters and adults alike. The visuals look great. The background score is interesting. The tutorial comes handy to understand the game rules. You can challenge your friends in leaderboard if you want to take the fun further. The app is also stable and responsive for most parts. To sum it up, an addictive math game to try out if you’re itching for some brain exercise. Check it out.

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