Clipboard Manager and History App for iPhone

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The typical clipboard feature of Windows OS was a single-entry option. You can’t retrieve the item you’ve copied before the last one. With the arrival of Clipple in Firefox, it expanded a bit to ten items. However, until recently, there was no similar application built for iPhone/iOS platform. Now with Clipboard Manager and History app for iPhone, you got a powerful clipboard function at your finger tips. Clipboard Manager and History iPhone app may be downloaded for nominal $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

Clipboard Manager and History App Features

When you first open Clipboard Manager and History app for iPhone, it’ll automatically scan the iPhone clipboard and displays all copied item under three categories: text, URL, and images. You can edit the items from within the app or even delete any of it. If you got too many items in the clipboard, you can use the sort mechanism that let you search the newest or oldest clipboard items. Further, you can share the clipboard items by email, Facebook, SMS, Pocket, Flickr, Readability, Diigo, Pinboard etc to name some of them.

Clipboard Manager and History App for iPhone

Further, it is possible to create new items from scratch and copy it to the system clipboard. So, if you got an item that you want to paste multiple times, and hence you need it in system clipboard, Clipboard Manager and History provides you with a way. Since you can copy anything using the app, it comes with a 4-digit passcode to ensure that you are the only person who got access to the clipboard items anytime.

Other major features of Clipboard Manager and History include support for iOS 6, option to configure various aspects of the interface (you can choose from 15 different backgrounds, 10 fonts and 13 sizes), and sync between devices (experimental stage). The app is also universal; for a single time purchase, you can use it both on your iPhone and iPad without any further payments.


Clipboard Manager and History app for iPhone taps the unforeseen potential of your iPhone’s clipboard. It automatically scans iPhone’s clipboard means you don’t have to look anywhere for all those files that you’ve copied before. Further, you can edit it at will or remove it altogether from the device from within the app. SNS and email integration comes more than handy. Support for iOS makes it contemporary. The 4-digit passcode protection ensures that only you get to access your clipboard contents. Verdict: try it out!

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