Conversations Jabber XMPP Android App Review

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XMPP is an open messaging protocol that allows users to communicate with other users on the same server or on other servers without relying on a central server. Jabber/XMPP client for Android that is free and open source. Simple to use, dependable, and battery-friendly. Images, group conversations, and e2e encryption are all built-in. When we log on to our messaging service, we want to make a strong first impression. Every other application asks the user for the server address, service port, username, and password in a slew of different forms. Instead of overloading the user with manual configuration choices, conversations utilise DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) to auto-configure the client.

High Security and encryption

The user inputs their Jabber ID (JID), which is an email address in the format of an email address — which is frequently also their email address — and password. If Conversations is a problem, we may add numerous accounts later or manually specify the server address and port. Conversations follows the Material design standards for Android to the letter, while every other XMPP client app on Android maintains the ‘traditional’ desktop client design rules. The end result is a basic messaging client that is highly comfortable and straightforward to platform users, but may not be to long-time XMPP users. Most other messaging systems have changed their attention away from the contact list and toward a list of ongoing conversations organised by recency, while the other XMPP clients for Android have all followed this paradigm. This design style is nearly always used on mobile messaging systems. There are no availability indications or status messages in the list of recent discussions that makes up the primary view of Conversations, leaving only names and avatars.

Conversations Jabber XMPP Android App Review

Cool features and user friendly

Conversations is an XMPP client that works similarly to how consumers would expect a mobile messaging app to operate. We may operate several accounts at the same time in Conversations, and we can even use a separate account for each contact. The application allows us to choose between encryption methods on the fly, with three options available: PGP, OTR, and OMEMO. While PGP and OTR are both well-known algorithms, OMEMO takes things a step further. After the conversation partners have been confirmed, the Double Ratchet mechanism assures that the message can only be decrypted by the receiver. Every communication is generated and encrypted using a temporary key by Double Ratchet. The key is useless after delivery because it can’t be used to decode anything. The app is priced $3.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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