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Cue [D] for iPhone is a fresh take on the game of billiards. The game essentially combines pool with puzzle elements to create an entertaining combination. You can download Cue [D] for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Cue [D] for iPhone is level based and has 100 stages for you to conquer. There aren’t any packs or stages. Everything is one giant pack of puzzles that you got to go through in order. But there is bit of leniency in the manner in which you could progress. As the game unlocks around two stages after the one you are presently on, you can skip a stage in case you’re stuck and come back to it later. But keep in mind that with the initial download, you are only allowed to make five skips in all. You can get more through in-app purchases. If you don’t intend to make one, be judicious in your moves. The objective in each level is simple: strike the lighted pegs on the table and then pot the ball. But you got only limited number of moves, which is shown on the hole that you need to get the ball into.


The controls in Cue [D] are simple and intuitive. Simply drag your finger anywhere on the iPhone screen to bring up the light blue cue stick and aim your shot. The longer the stick, the more power it imparts on the ball. In order to strike the ball, just take your finger off the screen. While it is probably best to wait until the ball stops moving to take the next shot, the game does allow players to take aim while the ball is still in motion. If you’re an expert, you can try that for a change. Depending on how fast you were, and the number of shots you took in each level, you’ll be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal. Less is more here. The graphics is beautiful. The animations are slick and smooth as well. Cue [D] requires iOS 6.0+.


Cue [D] for iPhone is a fun game. It keeps you engaged for minutes on end. The graphics is decent, while the controls are intuitive, even allowing for one-hand play. The background score is quirky. It would be great if more levels are added in the future. Overall, a unique mix of pool and puzzles that surprisingly works well in the end. Check it out if you are a fan of pool game.

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