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Name: DailyHoroscope


If you want daily updates of horoscope in your Android device then try the DailyHoroscope app. By simply tapping a zodiac on your Android screen, you can now enjoy and have fun with your horoscope updates as well as with your compatibility chart. The compatibility chart will show you how compatible you are with your loved ones.

DailyHoroscope is not only a simple application for Android devices, it is also very handy for those Android users who are horoscopes followers as well. The horoscope data of this application is courtesy of the Trynt Heavy Technologies.


User Interaction:

With DailyHoroscope application, you can easily access your horoscope information as well as other zodiac signs on a daily basis. This app is widely used by most Android users and having more than 15,000 installations for every 72 hours


User Interface:

The DailyHoroscope application has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. In just one-click, you can automatically get your horoscope for the day. The application offers six different colors for screen display accordingly to your choice. The text of this application is relatively small. The main page of the application’s screen displays icons for each of the 12 different zodiac signs. Apparently, the name of the signs is not written on the icons, thus you must be familiar with the zodiac symbol in case you are looking for update of another horoscope sign. In case that you are not really familiar with the symbols, you can just open each of the icon on the screen and check its name and covered birth dates.


For every zodiac symbol that you chose or click-on, you will see some details or information such as the sign’s main characteristics, today’s horoscope, alias, dates, and the sign. The only detail or information that regularly changes is the daily or today’s horoscope. The rest of the details or information are not changing and will remain to be static everyday.


DailyHoroscope app functions as what is expected from it and nothing more. It can run without any or crashing issues so you can easily enjoy following your daily horoscope update.


Utility and Productivity:

DailyHoroscope is one enhanced application that includes some features. It can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. One of its features is the ability to store previous daily horoscope updates for user’s future reference. Another feature is the apps history and statistics of usage.


DailyHoroscope app is created and supported based on the pure interests of the developers. Generally, this application is very useful to many people especially for those who are really horoscope enthusiasts. It is recommended for daily use as well.


DailyHoroscope application is now even more popular among Android users in the United States and UK.



(7.0 out of 10) To easily obtain information on your daily horoscope update at the convenience of your Android device, then download the DailyHoroscope application! With this application, update on your daily horoscope is just one tap away. DailyHoroscope is always on the go for you and one kind of application with personality!

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