Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for iPhone Review

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for iPhone is one of the top rated applications for children. Developed by PBS Kids, this education app for iPhone has already fetched a rating of 4+ on iTunes App Store. It is an application for children teaching the importance of daily routines in human life. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app costs $0.99 which can be downloaded from App Store.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel for iPhone brings a lot of stunning features on the screen. The app provides an impeccable interface along with eight different brushes for painting and drawing. The app incorporated four different areas including the opportunity to play imaginary doctor with Daniel. It lets a child browse a set of doctor’s tools and apparatuses, for example, echoscope, tongue depressor or stethoscope. Tap to hear these instruments names and depicted by Daniel, who collaborates as needs be, for example, opening his mouth or breathing intensely when analyzed, including recoiling if the kids give Daniel a shot additionally noting that it stings however then goes away. A sticker is likewise included to provide for Daniel after his visit.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for iPhone

It is likewise pleasant that this application incorporates both a toilet and also a potty seat, yet it might be decent hear Daniel advise children to kindly don’t put toys on or in the toilet areas so kids don’t miss this point. Addition to this, helping Daniel get ready to go to sleep will remind children about their own bedtime routines and the things that are required at bedtime. The graphics, background music and the game play are splendid. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood iPhone app really meets parent’s expectations in teaching basic daily routines to children to adapt the cultured and hygienic living. The app supports only the English language. The app provides plenty of stickers in Daniel’s house and Neighborhood to let children make up their own creative stories.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app for iPhone requires iOS version 4.3 or later. The app is well compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s a good bet to secure a copy of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood as this will keep kids entertained and help them to learn good habits.

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