Decibel 10 Pro Noise dB Meter iPhone App Review

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Decibel 10 app virtually turns your iPhone into a sound meter capable of measuring the sound pressure level around you. It is one of very few noise/sound meter apps on the market having highly reliable and pre-calibrated measurements. You can download Decibel 10 PRO: Noise dB Meter, FFT Analyzer for $2.99.

What is it about?

Have you wondered how quiet is your room or how loud is a rock concert or sport event? Decibel 10 Pro app for iPhone comes handy to check the sound pollution or its absence in your immediate surroundings. The app is calibrated tested for most Apple devices. Its UI is intuitive and beautifully crafted. It has two display modes: buffer and rolling. It also provides FFT and BAR graphs to display real time FFT, which comes very useful for frequency analysis and musical tests. Real time predominant frequency is also displayed, in case you’re interested in that.

Decibel 10 iPhone app provides a standard measurement range from 30 to 130 dB(A). So don’t expect a quiet room with 0 dB(A), which is impractical. The range 30-130 dB(A) is the standard usable range and an average quiet room will be about 30 dB(A). The app shows Current, Average/Leq, and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layout. A quick reference text to help you compare with real-life examples. Of course, you can record and export the data (up to 24 hours) to email for further analysis. You can use InstaDecibel to capture your dB report overlaid on photos and easily shared via popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to record for a longer duration, use the “Keep Device Stay Awake” option. You can clear and delete all recorded data anytime, if you feel that the phone is running out of memory. Performance wise, we found the app to be slick and responsive. Decibel 10 Pro requires iOS 8.0+.


Decibel 10 Pro for iPhone gives you a fair idea about the sound pressure level around you. The app presents sound attributes in an easy to comprehend graphical view. A quick reference text that comes with it helps you to compare the measured sound with real-life examples. SNS integration comes handy. The UI is intuitive. You can record or delete the recordings at will. The app is stable as well. Overall, a reliable noise/sound meter app worth checking out.

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