Doctor Drone iPhone App Review

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Doctor Drone for iPhone is a simple, affordable and powerful practice tool. It opens whole new avenues of practicing for professionals, pedagogues, and students. You will soon find it as your favorite tool for developing great intonation and stability. You can download Doctor Drone for $1.99.


Doctor Drone for iPhone gives you the freedom to create your own bass lines and drone tracks and set them to a metronome. If you want to prep for a specific piece, enter a bass line to your favorite tune, or enter a melody using either note names or scale degrees in an intuitive entry pad. You can take your own time to vary the tempo between 40 and 208 BPM and tune along at your own pace. You can even let your drone go up to 500 seconds to really get into a meditative state. Using Doctor Drone, it is even possible to repeat sequences and transpose them in a number of patterns such as transposing the sequence around the Circle of 4ths, move up chromatically, etc. You can also practice tuning within a chord. Simply add a Perfect 5th, Major 3rd or Minor 3rd to your drone (using just intonation) to practice fitting your sound right into the harmony. For repeated use, just save your tunes along with their settings. You can also add up to 50 harmonics to your drone to create the best quality sound for your system. This come handy if you are working as a large group.

Doctor Drone iPhone App Review

Doctor Drone iPhone app equips you to practice for your next orchestra gig that requires A443, or your next baroque service that calls for A420. Simply adjust your Concert Pitch A to be ready for any intonation situation. Doctor Drone for iPhone also includes a feature that allows you to randomly silence beats for the ultimate test of time and pitch independence. Check this one out if you need some challenge at times. Performance wise, the app is accurate and stable. It requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Final Take

From classical to jazz and from pop to gospel, Doctor Drone for iPhone is perfect for serious musicians and music educators that want to have a steady and flexible reference pitch lined up with a metronome. It has a sleek design, friendly features, and video tutorials to help you learn the nuances of using the app. The app is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you are looking for a tool to do intonation practice.

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