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With hundreds of podcast managers doing the rounds on the iOS platform, choosing the right one can send any one’s mind in tizzy. Grab Downcast app for iPhone, one of the innovative applications which have already created a buzz on the iOS platform and ruling the roost among its adversary. Developed by Jamawkinaw Enterprises, the app has fetched an outstanding 4+ rating on the App Store and accolades from the wired gadget lab. It brings spectacular features on the board to redefine the management of favorite Podcasts at the best without the need to sync with iTunes.


Downcast iPhone app provides an impeccable user interface. It permits a user search for podcasts and subscribes to them and allows one to organize it in a systematic way, share and play. The app in-house a unique and powerful search tool to narrow down the direct search method of inputting a term and displaying the similar results, the similar way Google Play Store works. Besides this, one can subscribe to podcasts manually with an appropriate URL and downloading is active in the background to let a user relish the other downloaded podcasts. The app unveils numerous splendid playing features like playing an audio file at a variable speed which range from 0.5 x to 3.0 x, live streaming episodes, headphone remote controls, Bluetooth & gesture support, sleep timer and many more. Downcast app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Downcast App for iPhone

Downcast app extends its support to import and export of podcast feeds via OPML & password protected podcasts. It is underpinned by iCloud synchronization with other iOS devices which unlock the door for podcast subscription, playlists, settings and information about the episodes. Apart from this, the downloaded episode can be stored at any location and lets a user share their favorite podcasts, episodes and position in the episode among the peers. The application neither supports any marketing ads nor does it have episode limits or pushy trials. The key feature of the app is its server which monitors the podcasts and refreshes it automatically. Hitherto, the app supports only English and there are a few modifications done in order to boost the performance related to iCloud synchronization available in the most recent version.


Downcast app for iPhone requires iOS version 7.1 or higher and a mere 10.5 MB free space for the installation. However, it is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It’s a flawless application and saying no to this after analyzing its credentials seems wrong. Grab a copy of Pocket Casts from the App Store and get mesmerized.

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