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In an iPhone, the reminder feature is tucked up under the calendar app and the timer in the clock app. Due app for iPhone brings them together, in one place, alongside throwing in some intelligent options. With Due app, you need not have to register anywhere, no start or end date to set, or no need to categorize or prioritize anything. Instead, add a note for your reminder, and alert that is set up in matter of seconds. iPhone Due application can be downloaded from iTunes for a nominal $4.99.

Features of iPhone Due App

Due has a very user friendly interface. It is easy to access the various options, and setting reminders is a breeze. The app presents you a list and each task has a reminder time after which it will begin to remind you of the said task with a notification. The Due iPhone app provides different notification styles, and various ways to deal with them, when it happens. For example, you can postpone a reminder by a minute/hour/day with couple of taps on the screen. While doing so, you can opt for a different secondary alarm tone to differentiate that particular reminder. Also, there is an automatic snooze that continues to remind you of the task at a set interval until it is dealt with. Dismissing a completed task is also a breeze; simply uncheck a box, and the task will be added to the Logbook, from where it can be recycled if required.

Due App for iPhone

The timer function is innovative. It has few loaded by default such as ‘power nap’ that is set for 20 minutes and ‘pick up laundry’ that is set for an hour. Alternatively, you can set your own timers, and name them conveniently.

When a reminder is due, you’ll get a local notification that pops up on the screen whatever you might be doing at that time. And to do that, Due does not require an internet connection.

Final Thoughts

Due app for iPhone focuses more on reminders and repetitive tasks, and it performs almost perfectly what it claims. If the application had an option to share a reminder set with the calendar, it would have been simply great. Performance wise, the app is fast, reliable, and is soft on battery use (about 20% compared with similar apps using push notifications). Verdict: A handy tool for those whose hands are always full with tasks to complete.

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