Easily Share files between iPhone and System with Air Sharing app

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Air Sharing app for iPhone attempts to solve on long-standing shortcoming of iPhone: lack of storage space to save documents and similar files. The app lets you share files between your iPhone and wirelessly connected PC. Air Sharing iPhone app for works with Mac, Windows and Linux, and comes at a price tag of $2.99 per license.

The Application

While installing iPhone Air Sharing application, you’ll be provided with thorough instructions as to how to go about the set up that even a first time won’t find it difficult to install the software in their iPhone. The entire process of installation and set up will take about couple of minutes, at the most. In order to move a file/folder from iPhone to the PC and vice versa, first you need to fire up Air Sharing app followed by connecting your device’s web address from the computer. Here, it goes without saying that both the devices share the same wireless network. Instructions on how to do it is available in the app’s help tab. For Mac, it is just about hitting the ‘Connect to Server’ option under the ‘Go’ menu.

iPhone Air Sharing app screen shot

Simply drag-and-drop the files/folders you wish to share. Air Sharing iPhone app supports both portrait and landscape views, alongside tree table file hierarchy typical of Windows OS. As has been observed, the files load quickly, and you can scroll/resize the documents using iPhone’s pinch and zoom feature. However, for documents (such as PDF) with lots of pages, the app does not provide an option to go directly to a particular page. Instead, one has to scroll down until the particular page is reached.

At the bottom of the screen is the setting tab, wherein you can specify what the Air Sharing app should/shouldn’t do. For example, you can turn on no-password-needed, opt for a total informal transfer, or you can simply lock it down and have it fade out after sometime of non-activity.


Air Sharing app for iPhone makes file transfer between your smartphone and PC a cake walk. It virtually transforms your iPhone into a wireless portable device. The interface is user-friendly for most parts, and file navigation one of the easiest for a file sharing application. Those who tend to carry documents on the go will certainly find Air Sharing more than a handy app to have. Verdict: Quite useful mobile application for the traveling executive.

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