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One of the groundbreaking features that have defined the usability of Android from the very beginning was widgets. And this feature has been exploited by some resourceful developers to create some engaging and useful features. But developers of Easy Widget app for Android have taken a step further by designing a three-in-one widget, therein providing users with more options at their fingertips. You can get Easy Widget Pro for $1.99 from Google Play Store.


Easy Widget Pro Android app provides a variety of widgets in various sizes. The basic 1×1 sized widget can be easily set to be an app launcher, settings launcher or a quick contact menu. Each widget has its own feature set and we’ll analyze them in the next few paragraphs. You can assign a person the contact widget so that with a single tap, you can call, text, or email them. On the 1×1 widget, said options pop up in a radial menu around the widget. The contact widget puts the call, text and email options right below the photo for easy access. The app launcher is an interesting take on the folder concept. For each 1×1 app widget, you can designate up to seven apps that you would be able to launch. The main icon displays only four apps, and the other three will appear only after you tap on it.

Easy Widget Pro Android App

The settings widget let you add multiple different settings to the one tap pop up. That is, with a single click, you can adjust the screen brightness or silence all rather than searching for the suitable option in settings menu. The settings widget, among others, comes with 16 toggles, 40 shortcuts, and a full equalizer that can also be used with each player that support sound effects like Google media player.Another notable feature of Easy Widget Pro for Android is the large widget for settings. It is essentially one control bar that allows you to organize multiple sets of toggles and settings into almost folder-like groupings of their own, wherein you are also provided with one bar widget to access these sets and settings in just a couple of clicks.


Easy Widget Pro for Android helps you save lots of time that you otherwise spent in accessing various menus, toggles and apps. For the users, it is pretty easy to set up the widgets to suit their requirements. The design is user friendly at best. The app is also available in a free of cost lite version. Overall, one of the useful widget apps we’d come across Check it out if you’re interested.

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