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You should try out Elmo Calls for iPhone if you got a toddler at home who has recently started to pick up words and started to speak. The app will help teach your child about healthy habits, self-confidence, and letters. You can download Elmo Calls for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Elmo Calls app for iPhone simulates actual face time calls, and in the process entertains the kids and teaches them new words and sentences every day. Elmo will say basic words and sentences to them, and it’s their job to respond with what they’ve been taught. At this age, toddlers will pick up words faster than an adult could. So it is just providing them with the words and that is what the app does. Elmo Calls for iPhone essentially comprises of a series of pre-recorded “Face-time”-like videos. There are more than 13 different videos to play in the default package. Each one starts with the phone ringing, and the character, Elmo, gives time for your child to answer, so the call feels interactive. There is also video voice mail messages that displays what Elmo said while you were away. Kids can also give a call to Elmo and speak to him.


Parents can activate calls or schedule calls for a variety of situations, such as time to wake up, bath time or going to the potty. The app encourages children to engage in imaginative play, practice listening skills and sing songs with Elmo! This app also fosters self-confidence by encouraging children to celebrate important life moments, such as visiting the doctor, going to the potty and learning the alphabet. The UI of Elmo Calls for iPhone is largely user friendly. Kids could easily make out as to how to make calls or attend incoming ones. The app is also stable and responsive.


With playful words from the popular Sesame Street character, it’s never been more fun for your kids to learn basic vocabulary. You just got to sit back and watch as your child interacts with the character and learns new words and sentences. The UI of Elmo Calls app for iPhone is well designed and easy to use for kids. The color theme is beautiful. Users can purchase other call packs as in-app purchase. Check it out if you have toddlers or small kids at home. The app is not suitable for older kids as they’ll find the concept silly.

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