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Learning English is not just learning a new language, it helps you get ahead in life. The best age to learn any language is when a person is young. This is the reason why if you have a kid, then you must introduce your child to basic English skills. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to any special English class, you can bring English classes to your phone. All that is made possible with the help of the English Kid Game from Ockypocky. The app makes it easy for kids of all ages to learn English.


Learn English is a Fun and Easy Way

The English Kid Game is used by over a million users and there are a number of reasons behind its popularity. The app helps your kid to learn English Alphabet, Animals, and Stationery by playing interactive games. The app has more than 16000 interactive exercises that improve your child’s spoken English kids. It also has more than 1000 wonderful kids’ video games as well as stories. If, as a parent, you are worried that your kid is spending too much time on the app, then you can even set a limit to their usage with the help of the In-App timer. Apart from games, the app also has Live Classes that give a personalized approach to learning English. It also gives you free eBooks that also help in the learning process. You can also let your child take part in Global contests, where they not only win awards but also get a boost to their confidence.

English Kid Game App


  1. Full of fun and exciting games that help your child to learn English in an exciting way
  2. Free access to 1 Live Class every week
  3. 1 Free eBook every week
  4. Courses designed by India’s best teachers


The English Kid Game makes learning fun. It is also highly effective in kids learning English in a quicker and much more effective way. The course content is created by some of the best teachers in the country and it shows. So, download the app today and get make your child confident and fluent from an early age.


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