EpocCam Pro Wireless HD Webcam Android App Review

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EpocCam Pro Wireless HD is a Mac and PC webcam app for Android. It is the best quality webcam app that can easily replace your USB webcam or integrated webcam app. This wireless high definition webcam is compatible with Skype, Google, Facebook, Hangouts, YouTube, Chat roulette and any other video calling apps. It is a pleasure to use such webcam app that can seamlessly function with desktop and android devices. The app has been downloaded over 5 million times and it is expected to increase in the near future. It is the best replacement that you can get hold off.

Wireless And Seamless, Enjoy Good Quality Video Calling

EpocCam Pro Wireless HD Webcam for Android is a simple and intuitive app that can connect desktop, EpocCam and your android phone to give you a quality experience. The app uses both the cameras in the phone for easy self portraits. The app smoothly works with all webcam enabled applications and supports most of the video calling applications.

The EpocCam Pro Wireless HD Webcam Android App has automatic connectivity and you don’t have to search and connect or remember the port numbers or IP addresses. Based on signal strength, it can work well over 20 feet wireless range. All data are encrypted for a strong and secure private conversations. The audio recording can be done and you can use your phone as a high quality wireless microphone. It works smoothly with your desktop. Before using the camera, you need to install the Windows and MacOS drivers.


EpocCam Pro Wireless HD Webcam Android App is one of the best in the market to help you with quality video calling facility. When compared to other USB cameras, EpocCam Pro stands apart for its high definition video streaming. The app integrates your phone and desktop seamlessly to give a wireless and quality experience. The app requires Wi-Fi network connections. For android devices, it requires Android 2.2 and above. Also, it requires Microsoft Windows XP or newer versions and MacOS 10.10 and above for desktop. The app costs just $6.09 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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