ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android App

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PDF files and documents have been very common that there is rarely any day passing without coming across such files. As a result, a PDF reader or manager is very much essential in any smart phone to have an access on such files on the go. ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form for Android is an application which stands tall among the list of PDF readers, thanks to its excellent features and functions. The app is a paid one, costing $3.99 in the Google Play Store.


ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form for Android has a very admirable user-interface with perfect arrangement and use of icons throughout the application. The app more or less provides the feeling or reading a hard copy book with pages shown in both portrait and landscape modes. The change of pages is shown with a flipping animation just like you turn a real hard page. Even if the application is not shut down properly, it can always display the last browsed page and line when launched the next time. This application unlike other PDF Readers has an additional feature of letting you highlight or annotate in the selected PDF file. There are set of annotation tools which help you make circles, rectangles, draw freehand, create text etc to highlight or give special stress or importance to any portion of document. This becomes very much handy for students and other professional users to easily give priority to the attention seeking segments in the file.

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Android App

Other major functions include text conversions of the files within the app, bookmarking, access of multiple PDF files at a time, opening up web PDF files within the application and so on. Working on the application is smooth and sound with easy controls for every process. A small grid of few pages will be displayed on the bottom for faster changing and turning options. There are two main themes, the day and night modes to suit the time of reading. The toolbox is situated right on top of the screen providing quick access whenever needed.


Touted to be ‘The World’s First Multimedia PDF Viewer’, ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form for Android does have enough and more features to live up that title. It can work both as a PDF browser and also a PDF editor or annotator with plenty of features serving both of them with perfection.

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