Feed Me Oil App for iPhone Review

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Feed Me Oil app for iPhone is a fun puzzler wherein your job is to get the oil spewing from broken pipes to the mouth of strange creatures on screen. You must be careful not to lose it in the ‘mouth’ area of the receiving subject. One is forewarned that Feed Me Oil is not an easy game as it’ll take all sorts of fun tools available at your disposal, and your brains, to get the job done. Feed Me Oil costs $0.99.

How Feed Me Oil is played?

The basic premise of Feed Me Oil iPhone app is simple; direct oil to the mouth of gigantic creatures. You are provided with a set of tools that you can move around, and using those you will be able to direct oil to flow into the mouth. The game has over 30 levels that get progressively tough as you’ll be challenged to move the oil in elaborate manners to the mouth that boggles the mind. For example, while the first few levels require you to make ramps and canals for the oil to flow down, while the latter levels – the more difficult ones – introduce tools to twist oils into a vortex or blow oil using a fan-powered jet stream.

Feed Me Oil App for iPhone

The fun part of iPhone Feed Me Oil game application is that there is no middle ground; either your designs work or you’ll have your oil firing off in a totally wrong direction. Also, each puzzle can be solved in multiple ways, thus giving you endless re-playability options. In terms of game play, clearing each level takes some serious brain scratching, especially as you go up the levels. Tweaking the tools to get the job done is like solving a math problem. You’ll be awarded stars on how few of the tools you managed to use in order to clear a level. So, there is always enough room for improvement.

However, the Feed Me Oil app for iPhone does not put all the challenges upon you entirely; for tips, you just tap on a question mark button in the top left that in turn places ghosts on the map directing you just where to place each object, step by step. While you can manage the first few levels without any hints/tips, you might want to tap in for assistance as the levels get progressively tougher. The graphics is simple yet good. The sound effects breathe life to the game.


Feed Me Oil iPhone game app is fun, and at the same time challenging. Those who love brainy games would certainly feel at home with it. The game play is slick and fast, and the graphics just good. Multiple ways to solve a puzzle means you’ll have endless options of re-playability. Overall, a must have app for your iPhone.

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