Fenix 2 for Twitter Android App Review

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The beauty of Android is that often the original or official app may not be the best you could find in Google Play Store. There may be third party versions of the same service that might be better than the original. Fenix 2 for Twitter Android app is one such application that scores a point or two over the official Twitter client. If you are a Twitter addict, perhaps you would want to check this one out. You can download Fenix 2 for Twitter for $2.99 from Google Play Store.

Fresh & Modern Twitter Experience

Fenix 2 for Twitter Android app brings to you a modern and fresh Twitter experience. It provides one of the best ways to view your Twitter feed. The best part of the app is its customization options that goes far beyond the usual choices you find in an app. That is, it not only let you choose not just the theme and font size, but also change the layout and even customize gesture controls. Elaborating further, you can customize the gesture to retweet a tweet by simply pressing on to the message. You can also have the same gesture act as a quote or a reply, among other things, while single and double taps are also customizable. The bottom-line is that everything gets quicker and easier. You can also choose what you want to get notifications for, and whether you want those notifications to vibrate, flash your notification light or play a ringtone. The app also provides support for multiple accounts, in case you have more than one live account.

Fenix 2 for Twitter Android App Review

The UI design of Android Fenix 2 for Twitter is user friendly. It provides beautiful images and videos previews, with support for external websites like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Flickr. The conversation layout is gorgeous to say the least. Users also got an option to mute system for noisy or unwanted users, hashtags or keywords. The app requires Android OS versions 5.)+.

Final Take

Fenix 2 for Twitter Android app provides a fresh perspective to the way you use Twitter. It is more user friendly, has better customization options and has a gorgeous conversation layout. You can also choose the notification types according to your preference. Setting up the app is easy enough. The UI layout is well designed. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive as well. Check it out if you’re a hard-core Twitter user who wants to change the usual boring Twitter look and feel.

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