Filmborn iPhone App Review

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There is no point in denying the fact that smart phones like the iPhone have made taking pictures quite easy. However, it would also be hard to deny that the quality of images on film is much higher compared to your iPhone. The colors are more vivid and vibrant. But, if you want to get vibrant images on your phone as well, then you must use Filmborn app for iPhone.

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Filmborn for iPhone is developed by Mastin Labs and their proprietary color science technology makes the app emulate the effect of film almost perfectly. The app comes with a film live preview, which would help you to see your image would look when a film preset is applied, even before you actually take the picture. The True-to-Film presets are probably the best you can get on any app on your iPhone. The app also has a number of custom camera types for different genres of photography like street photography. It also comes with a highlight clipping tool and custom editing tool called Curves. Curves is a darkroom feature that gives you control over the midtones, control of shadows and other such elements. The app costs $2.99 to download from iTunes.

Filmborn iPhone App Review

App Highlights

True-to-Film Presets
Curves custom editing tool
Learn to Master Real Film
Gesture-based white balance and exposure
Film live-preview
Highlight clipping
Custom Camera kits
Last photo review


Filmborn iPhone app is something that adds a lot more vibrancy and life to your images. The app allows adding presets with just a few taps. So, install the app and bring the magic of film to your digital images.

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