Fitness Buddy App for iPhone Review

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Fitness, Figure and Health! Are these words become important part of your life? If yes then you are certainly concern about your body and its fitness level. For shaping our body, we control our diet and do exercise to achieve our target and to improve our fitness level. Sometimes it is difficult to choose right exercise for different parts of the body like abdomen, chest or thigh. Hence Fitness Buddy app is designed to support users to select the right exercise to get the desired result. This health and fitness app is loaded with lots of exercise videos for multiple parts of the body to support you and up-brings best of you. Fitness Buddy iPhone app can be downloaded for just $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

Features of Fitness Buddy App

Fitness Buddy, as the name suggests, will help you just like a buddy to select right exercises as per your body structure. In this way, it is very helpful to avoid any wrong or not suitable exercise for your body. Users will definitely love to watch multiple videos and get inspired to get fitness for their body. Fitness Buddy app covers more than 1700 unique exercises for the body which are further classified into different categories like cardio, chest, shoulders and many more. Users can easily understand exercise moves and patterns from the videos as majority of the videos are in HD quality. Detailed exercise instructions and muscle categorizations along with option of adding customize exercises are also provided. The app features recommended exercises especially for women. User can also maintain history of body metrics and fitness activities which can be used to have proper planning.

Fitness Buddy App for iPhone

The user interface of Fitness Buddy app is quite impressive and it has search bar which is quite good. The comprehensive fitness videos help to improve fitness level of the body. The program includes several workout options and it frequently updates its database for better results. Few things which can be improved are customize workout option and women workout programs. Fitness Buddy app is compatible with iOS version (5.0) or higher.


Fitness Buddy app for iPhone is a tool to achieve your fitness goals and improve immunity level of the body. Users can install it on their iPhone and start reaping benefit through it. Download Fitness Buddy app to get your buddy for fitness related tasks.

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