Fleksy Keyboard iPhone App Review

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Are you belonging to user groups who are more in chatting, typing and surfing? Then you will understand how cumbersome typing is on slow keyboard. Most of the phone have inbuilt keyboard which may not work smartly for intensive users. Fleksy Keyboard – GIFs, Stickers and Emoji app for iPhone is a fast keyboard service that can be installed on your phone. It is quite simple to use and very effective in typing messages. All its features are designed intelligently and can cater to multiple needs of users. Fleksy Keyboard app can be downloaded for $0.99 from Apple`s iTunes Website.


Fleksy Keyboard app for iPhone is the only keyboard application in which you have option to search and send GIF images in messages. If required, you can add some customization based on your typing speed and language used. Powerful extensions and colorful themes bring more joy in typing messages and surfing websites. The list of Fleksy extensions include GIFs, hot keys, number rows, cursor control, one hand typing, rainbow key pops and many more. Apart from typing words in messages, you can add Emoji stickers also. These stickers can add more fun value to your messages. If you type fast then there are chances that you may type wrong words. To avoid these errors, Fleksy Keyboard app has inbuilt auto correct option. So you can type at your speed without too much worry about accuracy. Along with doing normal typing, it is time to showcase your style with Fleksy themes.

Fleksy Keyboard iPhone App

Fleksy Keyboard iPhone app has more than 35+ themes covering various designs and moods. When you use Fleksy, you have more options to express feelings and emotions. To support creative writing, the applications consists of 800+ emoji, 35+ themes, rainbow pops and GIFs. It also supports natural gestures of typing. Thus you can swipe your fingers to type words, easily add punctuation, delete words, spacing. All these features make Fleksy more intuitive and user friendly. For users of different regions, it supports multilingual typing including English (US). The app is compatible with iOS version (8.0) or higher.


Now you are free to type as per your typing habits. Thus as a user, you have no need to stick with those standard inbuilt keyboard. Fleksy Keyboard – GIFs, Stickers and Emoji app for iPhone is a complete typing solution for all type of users. It has great features and amazing UI to support intuitive and fast typing. Worth downloading to add more convenience in typing over phone.

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