Flick Home Run iPhone Game App Review

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Flick home Run! for iPhone is an iOS platform game where you may experience numerous pendulum-based throws. Instead of presenting a batter, bowler, bases, and fielders like in a traditional baseball game, Flick Home Run concentrates just on slamming home runs, as the name implies. There’s also no clumsy floating simulated bat because your finger serves as the bat and your swipe serves as the swing. When you press the pitch button, a ball is bowled from the right side of the screen by an unseen pitcher. You slap the ball with your finger, timing it perfectly to smack it as far as possible. If the ball flies out of the park and into the parking lot, slamming into parked vehicles or a nearby structure, the audience will clap. However, doing so necessitates rapid reactions and precise flicking, as the ball goes more if it is flicked in the centre.

Top ranked addictive game

This game has produced some extreme flicks, including swinging a bat straight off the iPod screen and into the air (and once, into the wall). There are twelve distinct ball kinds to choose from, but you never know which one you’ll be up against until the very last second. As the pitch gets closer, the ball kind is revealed. A standard baseball, a fast ball, a rapid drop, or the infamous curved s-ball are all possibilities. There are even ninja balls to be found. Some balls are heavier and hence cannot be hit as far, while others serve as point multipliers. Distance and striking balloons or stars earn points, which adds a minor element of chance. These points are converted to experience points (100 points = 1 XP), which you may use to improve your power, accuracy, and/or the amount of delivery-type reveals you have available to see what’s next.

Flick Home Run iPhone App Review

Interesting game modes!

Minor difficulty, major challenge, multiplayer, moonstar mode, and practise are the five game modes, each with its own Game Center leaderboard. In practise mode, you may select which ball types you want to receive and keep track of your successful hits. Completing 15 distinct steps in the same game is the small challenge option. The maximum distance permitted in the minor challenge is 1000 feet, and the ball stops just short of that mark. Major mode is unlocked after finishing minor mode; it’s the same park environment as minor mode, but with a higher difficulty and new balls. Through Game Center, you may compete with a buddy (or a random match-up) in multiplayer mode. Both players compete to fill a score metre with heavy hits in this 2-player online mode. The app is priced $0.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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