Flower Board App for iPhone Review

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Flower Board app for iPhone is a fun puzzle application that falls under the matching genre of games. The board you got has 72 empty hexagonal flower pots. The flowers bloom in groups (2, 3, 4 etc) and your goal is to match six adjacent flower pots of the same color. How will you manage to do it is where the fun lies. Flower Board iPhone app is available for free as a limited time offer. Otherwise, it has a price tag of $0.99.

How Flower Board App is played?

Flower Board is addictive. And the game is quite challenging. It is not easy to match the colors on the board, especially once about half of the board is already filled up. In order to match the colors, you can move a flower from one pot to another, provided there exists a clear path between the two. The major challenge for the player is that more number of flowers is blooming per move, cutting off paths available to make color matches. The game plays starts off as easy; but the going gets tough with every move made. If attempted to solve the puzzle in one go, it’ll easily exceed more than one hour of intense gaming to match the colors (if you manage to do so). But then it is easy to put down and pick it up from where you left. It is a handy feature given the fact that none of us have an hour to spend on a game.

Flower Board App for iPhone

In Flower Board iPhone game app, there is no time limit whatsoever; so you can take your own time to strategize or plan your moves. There are three difficulty levels in Flower Board. The easier games might suit most of us for it won’t go on and on for too long; you can finish it off in a realistic time frame. Those who love more challenges may opt for the higher modes. Flower Board has an option that let you see where the next flower is going to bloom. Those who want unpredictability in the game may turn off that feature.

If you made the wrong move, you can still ‘undo’ the move. However, Flower Board has limited the use of ‘undo’ button to 50 times. Further, there are bonus features such as rainbow and lightning balls and a wild card flower that will aid you on the way. The game is compatible with iOS versions 3.0 and up.


Flower Board app for iPhone is easy to learn, but tough to master. The difficult-most level might go on forever. To kill time, it would be ideal to play the simplest of levels. Verdict: Try it out while it is still available for free.

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