Flowpaper App for Android Review

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Flowpaper for Andorid makes you feel like an artist, even if you’re not one really. Those who are talented enough to draw or paint can create something spectacular on the Android screen. The best part is that you’re making these beautiful flowing paintings using your finger tips. It is captivating as the beauty gushes and swirls from your fingertips. You can get Flowpaper Android app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.

Flowpaper App Features

Flowpaper app for Android let you choose your background as well as the brush color and style. You got three sliders that you can tweak to vary the opacity, length and flow. ‘Flow’ relates to how many webbings flow out from your line as you draw, whereas ‘length’ refers to the distance between the threads in those webbings. Pretty complicated algorithm that is, isn’t it? You also got a choice between Touch and Continuous. In ‘Continuous’ the brush strokes continue to form even after you’ve lifted your finger. If used skillfully, it produces some mesmerizing designs. If not, it’ll ruin everything. You should know when to lift your finger and must judiciously use the sliders for best results.

Flowpaper App for Android

Flowpaper is not easy. But if you are skilled with loads of patience, you can draw pretty much anything using the app. You can annotate an existing picture or have a blank/colored background and export the finished product.

The UI of Flowpaper app for Android has some shortcomings. For example, you’ll find yourself popping into a menu on a separate screen whenever you want to change brushes or adjust the sliders. Something like floating menus could solve this issue. At present, it seems like a long winding procedure to make any change in brush or canvas settings. Another downside is that while you can undo the latest stroke, you can’t delete anything unless you delete everything. The bottom-line is that the app is great to use until you want to change something. Then it becomes frustrating until you get back to drawing once again. Flowpaper is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.


Flowpaper app for Android has its own moments of glory. It let you create some gorgeous looking designs with your fingertips. If you are talented enough, you can even draw objects on screen. But it takes some real skill and lots of patience. Accessing sliders and changing brushes however is a pain. Also, it is perplexing that you can’t delete anything unless you delete everything. To sum it up, Flowpaper is an impressive app that is perfect for making a personal background for your phone or for sharing with a friend.

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