Flud iPhone Puzzle Game App Review

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Flud for iPhone is a fun and challenging game that is about flooding the screen with color. If you’d liked playing Bicolor, you will certainly enjoy Flud as well. You can download Flud game for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Flud iPhone puzzle game app has a minimalistic aesthetic that will appeal to fans of the look. It is largely composed of bright and vivid solid colors mixed in with hues of white and gray. The game further features simple geometric shapes and the level layouts consist of squares to form grids. Animations are slick and smooth. The bubbly sound effects as the color flood the white spaces is fun to listen to. But there is no soundtrack. The game is level based. You can play four different chapters, each having 18 stages. I.e. a total of 72 stages to solve. Players can play any stage in a level, in any order. The objective is to flood all the cells with color before moving on to the next stage. There is no time limit and no points to earn. But the game does give players a limited amount of moves and resources, and that is where the challenge is.


Controls in the game are simple and intuitive. To begin the flow of the color screen, simply swipe from a starting cell, preferably at the end. The flow will continue forward until it hits a dead end. It is easy to place and direct arrows in the way you want the flow to be directed. If you make a mistake, simply click on the undo button and go back one step. The game starts of as easy. But as you progress, things start to get tricky at a gradual pace. As the game has iCloud support to save your game progress, you don’t lose your place when switching devices. We found the game to be stable and responsive as well. Flud requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Flud for iPhone is a unique and challenging puzzle game with a beautiful minimal design. In the game, you start the flow with your touch and use the arrows to change the direction of the stream. Your objective is to flood all of the cells in order to move on the next level. The game play is moderately difficult. The graphics is good, so are the bubbly sound effects. The game is also stable. Check it out if you are scouting for a fun game to kick back and relax on your way back from work.

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