Gain viewing access to your computer with Mocha VNC Lite app for iPhone

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These days, it is not really enough to have a single piece of electronic equipment. Gone are the days when there was just the computer for the entire family. Now, the computer exists for individuals and in addition to that most people have laptops, smart phones and every other manner of electronic gadget available. Sorting through and keeping track of all of this stuff can be difficult, but that is exactly where Mocha VNC Lite app for iPhone comes into the picture.

Connect to your VNC server from the iPhone

Using Mocha VNC Lite iPhone app, you can go right ahead and facilitate a connection to the VNC Server. Once you have that particular server connection in place, it is not difficult to take that connection and parlay it into a viewing of your very own computer at home. Since you can do this quickly, easily and for relatively little cost since the app is free, it makes sense for people to enhance their productivity through the use of this kind of iPhone app.

Operating systems galore

Mocha VNC Lite app for iPhone will work with many different computers and many different operating systems. Whether you have a personal computer or a Mac running OSX, you can easily go ahead and make this server connection work. You can shift back and forth between 8-bit and 32-bit colour schemes depending on your connection and you can even encrypt the entire process with a password so that other people do not have the ability to steal this connection from you and gain access to your personal files on your home computer.

Upgrade to the full version for more features

The lite version will get you very far and that is what makes iPhone Mocha VNC Lite application a quality piece of software. However, if you’d like some extra functionality, you can easily get it with an upgrade to the full version. Extra keyboards and keyboard buttons then become available and you can even use your mouse to its full extent. These things are not necessary for Mocha VNC Lite iPhone app to fulfill its main function, but they do definitely make it easier.

Final Score

Mocha VNC Lite app for iPhone is a decent mobile application with a decent purpose and as is proper the upgrade to the paid version gives you more features without taking away from those already contained in the free version. All these things are good enough for Mocha VNC Lite iPhone app to garner a final score of 9 out of 10 from us.

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