Give Your Brain a Workout with Pixelated Plus App for Blackberry

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Games for smart phone devices often have to walk a fine line between performance and the natural resource drawbacks that come with the smaller smart phone platforms. One would not make a game for a smart phone in the way it is made for a normal desktop computer for the simple reason that it is just not feasible. Therefore, a new approach is needed and an app like Pixelated Plus app for Blackberry is a great example of a game that really nails the new needs.

A challenging premise for any gamer

Instead of trying to wow you with amazing graphics and loud sounds, Pixelated Plus Blackberry app is instead a game that forces you to use that brain of yours in order to overcome the challenges that it faces. At the start of each level you will see a screen that has many squares on it with the squares randomly assigned different colors like blue, red, green, yellow, orange and purple.

Your goal in Pixelated Plus game app for Blackberry is to pick a color and change the squares until you get all of the different squares (i.e. pixels) on the screen to conform to the same color. Each change of color on a square changes the squares around it and therein rests the main challenging point of the game.

Multiple modes for increased enjoyment

Starting with the small grid and easy difficulty levels, you can work your way up to the larger grid and the hardest difficulty levels. You can also play an open game or a game that instead is timed with actual minutes and seconds or the actual number of moves that you need to make in order to finish the level off. Based on all of these modes, you can then unlock achievements from a full list that you can use to brag to your friends about how good you are at this Blackberry Pixelated Plus mobile game app.

Final Score

Blackberry Pixelated Plus app is a great mental workout that will keep you guessing and moving for hours. It is well worth the cost of purchase and download because it will continue to enliven your day for a very long time. Few things have the same return of value on initial investment and that is why we believe it is one of the better gaming apps out there for the Blackberry platform. When all is said and done, we give Pixelated Plus Blackberry app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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