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Not too long ago, we profiled an app called Numbers 10 for Android. It is an app that was created by Five Pumpkins, a digital company involved in creating early childhood education apps that we love. Numbers 10 is intended for children that are at least a year old, but if your child is two years old or alternatively has already polished that app off, you can give them the advanced version of the app which is Numbers 50 App for Android.

Putting the education pedal to the metal

Numbers 50 is a supercharged version of Numbers 10 and this is true in more ways than one. The most obvious difference between the two apps is that the flashcards in this app will teach your child to count to 50 instead of just to 10. There is an obvious difference in difficulty level between the two for this reason, but there is so much more than can be done with this app as well which is why it is more than just an age difference that is required here.

A good example of a difference between the two apps is the fact that children will have the chance not only to place out of order numbers back in order, but they will also learn all of the written and spoken elements to the numbers so that they should be able to order, read and write all of the numbers from 1 to 50 by the time they are done with this app. This is somewhat more intensive than Numbers 10 and that is why Five Pumpkins asks that children be 2 years old or already have completed Numbers 10 before they tackle Numbers 50.

Quiz Mode still there

Don’t worry about missing out on the quizzes from Numbers 10 for the Android as you’ll find all those quizzes are right there with Numbers 50 app for Android as well. Quiz Mode is alive and well and even though your child might be older and likely won’t accidentally trigger a call, the lock mode is still there with quizzes in this app to make absolutely sure that it does not happen.

Final Score

Advanced early childhood education such as counting to 50 is something that all children have to learn. The earlier, the better. Numbers 50 Android app can help you get that done and that’s why we’ve given it a final score of 10 out of 10.

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