Handy Tools for DIY PRO iPhone App Review

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Every home owner should be always prepared for minor home repairs and adjustments. Handy Tools for DIY PRO iPhone app brings five essential tools to your iPhone that will come handy in your home repair works. You can download Handy Tools for DIY PRO app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

5 Essential Tools for Home Projects

Handy Tools for DIY PRO iPhone app comes with five essential tools for your home projects. The tools are surface level, ruler, protractor, bubble level, and plumb bob. Each tool uses your iPhone’s unique features to create its functionality. They come handy to do work such as installing a book shelf or hang a framed picture on the wall without any slant.
Elementary school math might have taught us what a protractor is: to measure angle between 0 and 180 degrees. Handy Tools for DIY PRO app for iPhone comes with a protractor that you can use to measure angles. A surface level is an essential tool to level any flat surface. A plumb bob is used to verify the verticality of lines or walls. This comes handy to find the exact vertical positioning while hanging a portrait on wall. Similarly, a bubble level bar comes handy to precisely find the slope of a surface. The ruler, as you know, is a reference scale supporting both inches and centimetres. It comes handy when you want to quickly measure the length of an edge.

Handy Tools for DIY PRO iPhone App Review

The user interface of Handy Tools for DIY PRO app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. The tools are found to be pretty accurate. This is partially due to the robustness of iPhone’s hardware. The rendering of tools are also impressive. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Handy Tools for DIY PRO app requires iOS versions 6.0 or higher.

Why we like it?

Handy Tools for DIY PRO iPhone app brings together five important tools that any person might come handy to do home projects or repairs. The tools all work fine and provides accurate results. Its user interface is well designed and easy to navigate. The rendering of tools on screen looks beautiful as well. It is also slick and responsive. We’d never encountered any freeze or lags while using the tools, or the app in general. Overall, a nice package of tools that would come handy in typical home projects.

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