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At first glance, it would seem a bit arrogant for any app to claim that it was the best at anything right there in the title of the app. At second glance, it would seem ridiculous to think that a free app without the same resources as a paid app could actually be better. Those two glances might be deceiving however as we discovered when taking a third glance at Best Countdown app for BlackBerry.

Focus instead of arrogance

The first claim of arrogance is only valid if Best Countdown BlackBerry app does not have the ability to back up those claims. However, it does have that ability and for that reason you can definitely appreciate everything that it has to offer. When you look at things like the great countdown options and the fact that their customer service is good enough to instantly reply to all of the claims that you make, focus on making the app as good as it can possibly be would probably be a much better description of things than just simple arrogance.

Beauty instead of ridiculousness

BlackBerry Best Countdown app is not a ridiculous mobile application. In fact, the truth is far from that particular description. Not only do you get multiple options for displaying the countdown and starting the timer, but you can get all kinds of different themes, wallpapers, timing formats and LED functionality. There are so many different options packed into Best Countdown free BlackBerry app that it really does seem amazing that this app is actually free. Far from arrogance and ridicule, it seems as though the author of this app is a very committed person that not only is proud of what they have accomplished so far, but is also looking to make the app even better as time goes on. That is most definitely a potent combination.

Final Score

If you want an app that you can use for counting down days, hours and other snippets of time, you should definitely take a close look at Best Countdown app for BlackBerry. It might not actually be the best countdown app out there, but in terms of features you would definitely have to include it in a discussion with other apps that are more expensive to download and install than this one is. That is a huge compliment and that is why we’ve also given Best Countdown Blackberry app a final score of 10 out of 10.

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