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Out of all of the apps out there for the Android, it is really the free gaming apps that can be very hit or miss. A really good idea that is executed poorly will do worse than an okay idea that is executed well. Free Running app for Android is definitely an example of something from the latter category.

A simple idea executed really well on this free Android game app

Free Running Android app probably does not have anything conceptually innovative about it at all. It is an Android app that will give you the chance to go back into the world of the old side scroller. This genre of game has had some good ones recently, but Free Running app for Android is exemplary for an application that is free to download and play.

You start with a stick-man on the left side of the screen and your goal is to have that man run as far as possible with the screen constantly scrolling from the left to the right. There are two actions that you can take, rolling and jumping and both of those actions are done by tapping the appropriately labeled buttons on either side of the screen. You need to jump and roll at the right times to avoid the obstacles on the track and the longer you are able to run without getting pushed off the screen, the higher your score will be at the end.

Some Really GoodGgaming Action

As you can see, Android Free Running app is by no means a difficult game to grasp conceptually. There are probably many other games out there that are exactly like it. Free Running app for Android is however a very well done game that can actually be surprisingly addictive because of how well it was created. The ideas of jumping and rolling are very nice and if you don’t pay enough attention to what you are doing you could end up doing the wrong one and have to start all over again.

Final Score For Free Running App for Android

Free Running a Running App for Androidpp for Android is a good game that will give you a decent final score. Simple fun is something that can be had through many different outlets, but it is definitely excellent fun with Free Running Android application. It is free, easy and addictive. What more could you ask for from a game? That is why we have given Free Running Android app a final score of 10 out of 10.

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