Having Fun with Autism iPhone App Review

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This game attempts to prove that their condition should not limit autistic people from having fun. Having Fun with Autism for iPhone is a new game concept made for people with Autism of any age. It breaks away from conventional standards, but nevertheless comes with a game that is fun and entertaining to say the least. You can download Having Fun with Autism game for $1.99 from iTunes.

The Game

Having Fun with Autism iPhone app has a ‘Together Mode’ that is based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) techniques. It includes an array of Social Stories, implemented through a new method. Use the story builder to play along with your special friend, dragging-and-dropping actual pictures that correlate with each levels’ text. You got to complete all the levels to read what you’d just built. Additionally, you can choose to read the story by itself. The social story is read using a lifelike page-turning feature, wherein swiping left or right presents an actual page turning.

Having Fun with Autism game also got a ‘Myself Mode’, wherein autistic people can play the game themselves. It holds endless fun to say the least. ‘Sorting’ mode uses true-object pictures to allow for easier generalization. The player is given five objects to sort into the correct parameter. Rewarding and entertaining animations are included as reinforcements. Place all five correctly to receive something special. Having Fun with Autism for iPhone also features a ‘Puzzle Mode’ wherein using unique and different animations, each puzzle comes with encouraging sounds and real pictures to influence generalization. Actual pictures of objects greatly help the player relate those objects to their real-life surroundings. It got over 50 puzzles so that you won’t run out of options easily. The graphics of the game is decent. The UI layout is also user friendly. It requires iOS 10.3 or higher.


Having Fun with Autism game for iPhone is tailor-made for autistic people who might not be able to enjoy most of the games in iTunes. The game play is engaging and fun. The difficulty levels are also manageable for autistic people. The puzzle mode is interesting to say the least. UI design is user friendly as well. It is also stable. Check it out if you got autistic people in your home.

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