Hidden Camera Detector Gold Android App Review

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Hidden Camera Detector app is one of the most trusted apps for finding hidden cameras in almost any setup. Its premium version – the Hidden Camera Detector Gold, comes with more exciting features and more accurate detection. In today’s world, you are never really sure whether the restroom, hotel room, or trial room is really private. There is always a chance of a peeping tom using hidden cameras to invade your privacy. This is why it is always useful to download the Hidden Camera Detector Gold app on your Android Phone. Let us take a closer look at the app and see how it helps you.

Protect Your Privacy

The Hidden Camera Detector Gold is a perfect app for those looking to track hidden cameras with a great deal of accuracy. The app helps you to detect wired as well as wireless cameras. At the same time, you would be able to detect infrared as well as mobile cameras, hidden anywhere near you. It can detect mobile lenses with a high level of accuracy, with the help of its in-built AI technology. You would also be able to be aware of WiFi and Bluetooth devices with the help of this app. In order to find the hidden infrared cameras, all you need to just open the app and point the camera of your phone around. It would instantly pick up all infrared cameras in the vicinity. However, it should be noted that you need to have a magnetic sensor in your phone to detect wired cameras. This particular feature will not work if you don’t have magnetic sensors in your camera.


  1. Highly accurate detection of different types of cameras
  2. Easy to use with an excellent user-friendly interface
  3. Just 8.7 MB in size


If you are worried about safety and privacy, then you would need to download the Hidden Camera Detector Gold app on your Android phone. It is simple, and easy to use but at the same time, it is quite accurate in detecting cameras, even in the toughest of corners. So, download the app today and stay protect your privacy, wherever you are. The app is priced $3.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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