Hitman Sniper Android Game App Review

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In Hitman: Sniper for Android, you’re a black coat wearing Agent 47 looking over a luxury villa in Montenegro. You are given mission directives requiring you to assassinate some people in the villa. The game works on point system wherein you’ll earn points not only for shooting the target, but also for the creative ways you employ to achieve the given objective. Hitman: Sniper game app can be downloaded for $4.99.


The initial missions in Hitman: Sniper app for Android requires you to take down only couple of guys. But later missions involve killing them more creatively, by shooting them near the Jacuzzi, killing them by blowing the fuse next to them, by shooting the burning lamp next to them etc. Sometimes you got to kill multiple enemies or try and achieve a particular score in a given time frame. Each of the missions has one key objective – killing a high value target. Eliminating the target starts a quick countdown of few seconds before you’re extracted. So you got to ensure that you complete all other objectives before deciding to take out the primary target while making sure that the main target does not leave. Your best bet is to hit the target on the head for a clean kill and maximum points. Hitting on the body usually does not kill the target immediately. If you happen to miss, the person is alerted. You also should not be too aggressive with your firing, in which case the security will be alerted and the target might flee. The mission comes to an end if the target escapes.

Hitman Sniper Android Game App Review

Apart from the main targets, you might also have to take out lots of security guards, and this also net you lots of points. Under normal circumstances, you got to avoid civilians unless they’re a threat and might alert security. Strangely, the setting of the game is constant. All 150 missions happen in the same place, and you essentially take down the same people. All that changes is your mission objectives, and the way you take down the targets. This might kill the excitement to an extent, even though the challenges get increasingly difficult as you progress through the missions. You unlock new rifles as the game progresses. Alternatively, you can pay hard cash to unlock stuff right away. The game controls are easy to use. The graphics is also impressive, so are the sound effects. Hitman: Sniper game requires Android 4.1 and up.


Hitman: Sniper app for Android is a pretty exciting shooting game that’ll keep you glued to the screen for minutes on end. The apparently same setting is a bit of a dampener though. The challenges increase as you progress. The onscreen controls are intuitive. The graphics is excellent to say the least. Check it out if you’re a fan of shooting games. If you think it is a bit expensive, pick it up during a sale.

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