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Find your Dream Home with Homefinder Real Estate iPhone App


Okay, so maybe finding your dream home at a decent price is not the hardest thing to do in the current buyer’s real estate market, but there are going to be times when it is a lot tougher than it is right now. During those times, attempting to do it on your own is not exactly the best idea to pursue. When you take a look at all of the different options available to you in terms of software assistance, the only conclusion that can be reached is that the Homefinder Real Estate iPhone app is really one of the best out there. The Home Finder Real Estate app for Apple iPhone has all of the functionality that you need from a piece of assistance software and it has a lot more to go along with that as well.

User Interaction

Interacting with Homefinder Real Estate iPhone application has a number of different angles to it, starting with the real estate finder tool. You need to put in information regarding where, how much and what you want your home to be like and then based on that amount of information the Homefinder Real Estate iPhone app tool will bring up whatever properties are available in the areas that fit the specifications that you have listed. Prices will be available for each home as well, making finding your dream home a very easy thing to do.

Additionally, there is also the property evaluator, which is a good piece of software to use if you are interested in buying a home more as an investment rather than a residence. It will project future trends based on the most up-to-the-minute information and in doing so it will allow you to really go ahead and purchase the best property investment for your situation at the time that you make the purchase.

Finally, you can use this Apple iPhone app with an amortization schedule as well. An amortization schedule is essentially an estimate of the interest and principal that you will pay each month based on your down payment and the terms of your mortgage such as the interest rate. With zillow.com powering the interest rate estimates, you can definitely get a very accurate assessment from this app on any home that you are considering purchasing.

User Interface

The user interface of Homefinder Real Estate iPhone app is very easy to read for the simple reason that you are only dealing with forms that need to be filled in and tables that are returned to you. Neither of these screens is particularly difficult to navigate, making this interface top notch.


Utility and Productivity

As far as productivity is concerned, you can easily get a lot out of this Apple iPhone app. It will literally allow you to find real estate and estimate the finances required to get it and in between do everything else that you need to have an idea of what the house will cost.


Because of the heavy realism and the universal applicability of Homefinder Real Estate iPhone application, we have no choice but to give it a very nice 9.5 out of 10 rating.

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