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iA Writer for iPhone has been designed to provide the best digital writing experience. It provides for distraction free writing, as you go through the entire writing process including editing in the app. You can download iA Writer app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


iA Writer app for iPhone has been built from ground up. Users can go through the entire writing process in the app. This includes note-taking and brainstorming, writing, and then editing before finalizing the draft. It has a unique Syntax Control feature that scans the entire document you’d prepared and analyses every part of speech. By analysis, you can see how many verbs, proverbs, pronouns and conjunctions have been used in the description. Likewise, it also got a focus mode wherein it fades all but the current sentence, for maximum concentration. iA Writer for iPhone sets up your working in three phases: take notes and brainstorm, write, then edit. It should work for most users. But it will be constricting if you are not used to this method of writing. The app also allows you to include images from Library in your documents (.png, .gif, .jpg).


The UI of iA Writer is rather intuitive. With a swipe to the right you have easy access to all your texts in one place. Similarly, swipe left to preview. The app consciously separates form and content. It optimizes plain text writing while offering stellar formatted export—with world class typography. iA Writer for iPhone also allows you to customize the keypad. You just got to tap and hold Keyboard Bar keys for an extra level of options. Continue holding to rearrange your keys, and tap to customize. Last but not the least, with seamless Dropbox and iCloud sync, iA Writer keeps your documents safe and at hand on whatever device you are using when inspiration strikes. The app requires iOS 9+.


iA Writer app for iPhone is a complete writer’s toolkit. It is designed to provide distraction free writing as you progress through the various stages of putting an idea from mind to paper and edit it eventually. The focus mode help you to concentrate on the sentence you are writing at any given moment. Syntax control takes care of the grammar elements such as pronouns and verbs. The ability to customize the keypad enhances your writing experience. The UI is intuitive to use for most parts. Check it out if you are a writer searching for the right tool to assist you in your work.

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