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Name: Imeem Mobile Android App


Imeem mobile app gives you the freedom of enjoying free streaming music from the convenience of your Android device. You can enjoy your favorite music artists and discover new artists as well with this application. You can also enjoy personalized music and radio anytime and anywhere with this app. This application works flawlessly with service.

User Interaction:

Imeem Mobile android app is a social media network where you can discover, recommend, and create music, film, video, pop culture, and art media. Through this application, you can also be connected with other users who have the same music preferences as yours.

Originally, Imeem Mobile application offers users for instant-messaging feature but as it get innovated, the application had started to offer customized music play lists, blogs, photo slideshows, and video channels, which are all easily shared through the Internet.

With Imeem Mobile application, you can create stations with free streaming music from your favorite artists, stream the music that you have uploaded, discover new music through features and recommendations, share favorite songs with your friends and loved ones through email, and buy songs from Amazon MP3 in just one click.

User Interface:

Imeem Mobile application is a web radio that is always on the go. It is the most popular streaming music application in the Android market with more than 250,000 downloads everyday.

The main options of the home screen of Imeem Mobile application include Search, MyMusic Favorites, and Featured. The Featured is the application’s ad section where spotlighted new artists can be found as well as the top 100 tracks weekly. The basic controls of the application include the skip button, the heart button, the pause button, the stop button, and the info button. The skip button is used for skipping tracks however, you can only skip six tracks every hour on the Featured streams. For more information about the song title and the artist name, you can hit the info button. The heart button or the menu button helps you to download a track or share the track to your friend by email.


Utility and Productivity:

Imeem Mobile application is a free music application that can be downloaded from the Android market. It is one of the front liners in the market. As a music application, Imeem Mobile is easier and faster to use compared to music players that are built in G1 mobile device such as Android. This application is recommended for those who are always in the mood to listen for a genre of music rather than for a specific artist or song. Its strength is its buffering capabilities so you will not get any skips or hiccups in songs while listening even if you are inside the elevator. Compared to other music application, Imeem Mobile definitely got any music streaming right.

The “Local Favorites” is one of the fun features of Imeem Mobile application. It is a station that plays songs that are currently top listed in your area. It offers various channels where you can enjoy various music from various artists.

With Imeem Mobile application, you can customize music feeds based on your preferences. Its interface has a “heart” button where you can confirm that you like the song you are listening to. The application also offers the option to create a separate station based on your favorite music artists.


(9.0 out 10) The Imeem’s mobile application in Android device offers an easy and clear-sounding way to listen to music. Though it does not integrate with all the functions of the Internet version of Imeem, it still is a great and amazing music player without costing any penny!

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