Jump and Shoot with Pix’n Love Rush App for iPhone

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The addictions for the iPhone are many, but games that are able to fill that role always seem to occupy more of a space in the hearts of many people. If you are looking for a game that has the ability to do that, Pix’n Love Rush iPhone app may be just the game that you are looking for when all is said and done.

Simple controls but not a simple game

When you look at the controls for the Pix’n Love Rush iPhone game app, the first thing that should cross your mind is just how simple those controls actually are. As with most things however appearances can be deceiving because these controls don’t give you any indication as to how difficult the game can actually get. It starts off easy but as you get higher and higher up through the levels, you’ll find that it becomes a very difficult game indeed.

Quick levels for easy gaming

The main point of Pix’n Love Rush app for iPhone is that it can be a great game for you when you want to have an iPhone game to play but at the same time might not have a ton of time that you can devote to the process. Under normal circumstances, the level length is just 5 minutes long. That means that you can play it during short periods of downtime while at the same time being able to add new levels into the amount that you game when it turns out later on that you have more time that you can use.

Lots of special features

In addition to being a great game, iPhone Pix’n Love Rush app offers many great features that you can take advantage of. These features include an Infinity Mode that allows you to stay in a level as long as you want (not for those without nerves of steel) and a set of points that you can earn based on achievements that you get in the game. Finally, there are also 7 skins that you can choose from to personalize the look and feel of the 125-level minimum that you have to go through when playing this game.

Final Score

As more people get this app, the editors of Pix’n Love Rush iPhone app promise to release more levels and special features. Right now though, Pix’n Love Rush iPhone game app is good enough to earn a final score of 8 out of 10.

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