Keep tabs on your time with the new BizTrackIt for the BlackBerry

| February 26, 2011

BizTrackIt was already a good piece of software before the most recent update but now it has become one of the best in the business. It is definitely the case that this software is high-end weighing in at a good $39.99 in terms of the price tag. That being said, business professionals that are looking for a bona fide way to track their time without any fluff involved will find this to be money very well spent.

Easy project and time management

BizTrackIt app for BlackBerry is project management for timesheets in the form of a very small and easy to use smart phone application. You can keep track of all of the time used for different projects and split it between time that can be billed and time that is defined as being un-billable. You can save time in your use of this software package by creating descriptions for standard tasks accomplished all of the time so that you can just pick them from a drop down menu instead of having to put them together all the time. Not only can you do all of these things, but you can also go ahead and create other descriptions for BizTrackIt BlackBerry app through the use of definitions that can peg tasks, projects and legal points.

Save and send

BlackBerry BizTrackIt app not only includes information about all of these different aspects and gives you the chance to include them all in your project management solutions, but it also gives you the chance to go right ahead and save all of that information in CSV file formats that can be exported between many different points. Having access to information at that level of portability means that it is with you wherever you go. That fact alone is something that will give you the chance to do great things with your finite amounts of time.

Final Score

BizTrackIt app for BlackBerry gives you the chance to use your time more wisely. Time management is an important part of success in this world and it is because of that fact that BlackBerry BizTrackIt application is worth the price tag. You will be able to see this software package pay for itself in short order just based on the productivity boost that you get from using it. Our final score for BlackBerry BizTrackIt app is 10 out of 10.

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