Kick it all the way with Monkey Kick app for Android

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Monkey Kick Android app is an interesting little game that is intended for some mindless time wasting if that’s what you need. Otherwise, it will be a game that struggles to crack the top list for most people.

Kick the ball

The only thing that you really need to do in order to do well at Monkey Kick app for Android is kick the ball that is on the screen. You’ll start with a monkey and you’ll start with a ball. Tapping the screen will allow your monkey to kick the ball and then you accrue points based on how far your monkey is able to kick the ball.

Practice makes perfect

As is true with most things, practice really does make perfect in Monkey Kick app for Android. The reason for that is that you actually go ahead and make results based on how well you do the tapping motion at the start of the game. Therefore, more practice will give you a sense for the proper tapping technique and the better you get at getting closer to perfect technique, the farther your ball will go after the kick as been made. It is a pretty simple way to get good at the game but then the game is really not that complicated to begin with.

Can you get to the village?

Before you start going after the high score contests, your first goal is to get the ball to the village because that is the main aim of the game. You’ll see the distance to the village when you start the round and if you can get the ball to the village you win the game. The fun doesn’t stop there though as there are leaderboards available for daily, monthly and global achievements on this game. Can you beat anyone else at Monkey Kick Android game app? Prove it by getting the highest score that the game as ever seen.

Final Score

There’s no question that Android Monkey Kick application is a cute game. There’s no question that it is a game that can really help you out if you need some mindless fun to pass the time. However, there is question as to whether or not Monkey Kick free Android app can ever be anything more than that to a user. It is free though, so despite that question we can still give Monkey Kick Android app a final score of 7 out of 10.

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