Know who calls you by the colours with Color ID Free App for BlackBerry

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Caller ID is definitely a cool way for you to figure out exactly who is calling you. The custom music selective ringtones are another cool way to do things. However, if you’d like to be on the cutting edge then you need Color ID Free app for BlackBerry as it is definitely the newest way for people to keep track of the people contacting them.

Custom LED colors

When you are called, texted or e-mailed on your BlackBerry, there is LED flashing going on before you acknowledge the call. When you get Color ID Free BlackBerry app, what you can actually do is go ahead and make sure that you assign custom colors to the different LED lights that are present on your handheld device. These will be different based on the different people that call, allowing you to assign specific colors to different individuals and know immediately when someone important is trying to contact you based on the color that the LED lights are blinking.

Easy setup

Not only is this type of caller ID really cool and cutting edge, but it is also very easy for you to set up on your BlackBerry smart phone device. All you really need to do is allow permissions for Color ID during the installation, pull your battery after the installation has taken place and then sync up with your address book so that you can assign the different colors easier to the people that call in.

Easy upgrades

When you start with the BlackBerry Color ID Free version, you are severely limited in the sense that you can only actually assign a couple of different contacts. However, once you decide to purchase the full version that is unlimited. The limited contact number is the only feature difference between the two versions though so you can still see how good Color ID Free BlackBerry app is with the free version albeit with a smaller number of people.

Final Score

Color ID Free app BlackBerry is a really cool BlackBerry mobile application that is only going to get better with the passage of time. More and more people are starting to get into this method of caller ID and as time goes by and more people see just how functional and fun it can be, you should only expect this number to increase. Our final score for BlackBerry Color ID Free App is 10 out of 10.

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