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Looking back, the older way of shooting photos in films and waiting for few days to develop it had its own charm. Kudak Pro app for iPhone takes you back to that era at least momentarily, wherein you got to wait for an hour to get a new film and you can shoot only 24 photos per film. You can download Kudak Pro app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

In today’s instant preview era we might have lost the thrill of choosing and embracing moments. We have also lost the excitement and thrill of waiting for photos to be developed. Kudak Pro for iPhone attempts to bring a feel of that era back to your iPhone. It is an analog disposable camera with 24 shots in one film. You have to wait 3 days for the development process of photos and one hour for a new film. The film contains 24 photos and to add an extra twist not to over shoot it takes one hour to get a new film. The photos developed from such films at times had light leaks. Here as well, the photos get random light leaks just like the real disposable cameras. But if you are particular about the image quality, you can get proper photos as well.

The UI of Kudak Pro app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed to give a feel of pre-digital camera era analog cameras. The lens and flash area are all depicted beautifully. The number of photos remaining is shown as a counter at the bottom. The controls are intuitive at best. You also have an option to show the original photos. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive as well.


Kudak Pro app for iPhone takes you away from mainstream snapping of self-destructive photos to value what you capture. With the app, you think twice before capturing a moment; it hones you to click what matters rather than randomly clicking pictures with your iPhone. The UI design is user friendly and is realistically depicted. The app is also stable. Support for multiple languages including French, German, Indonesian, and Japanese comes to the aid of non-English speakers around the globe. To sum it up, a nice camera app tribute to the iconic Kodak Funsaver.

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