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There are so many different pieces of information normally excluded to students and up until very recently the quality of professors was one of those pieces of information. The internet has solved that little problem with Rate My Professors, a website that allows students to evaluate professors and other students to see the results. Now, Rate My Professors website is available in iPhone app form which gives all students access to a great informational tool right on their handheld devices.

Read reviews of different professors

Right now, the numbers at Rate My Professors app for iPhone are actually very impressive. In total, there are over 1 million professors on the website and a total over 10 million evaluations has been submitted to the website over the course of its existence. More than 6000 schools are represented as well so as long as you go to a relatively well known college or university in North America you should be able to find at least some information on the professor in question.

Add your own input

Once you’ve finished each of your classes, you can add your own input to Rate My Professors iPhone app. Do you have a professor that you absolutely loved? Simply go ahead and input your thoughts on that professor by taking a look at the website. Do you have a professor that you hated to the point of wanting to warn others away from having the same experience that you did? The good news is that with adding comments to Rate My Professors you can do that as well.

Look up your own professors

If you are not interested in getting the scoop on upcoming classes and you’ve already uploaded all that you are going to, the site also gives you a chance to check out other professors that you might know. Look up people from your past and see how those people were able to match up to the scrutiny of their students. The inside scoop from Rate My Professors is very interesting when it is done in this manner and that is exactly why Rate My Professors app for iPhone is such a powerful app to have.

Final Score

Rate My Professors app for iPhone is an impressive mobile application that can help you out greatly if you are a student. Our final score for Rate My Professors iPhone app is a very nice 9 out of 10.

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