LetterSchool App for iPhone Review

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LetterSchool for iPhone is one of the best educational games developed by Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. The app has already bagged the title of best younger children’s app 2013 and performing well on the iOS platform. The app helps children learn all about letters and numbers in a play to learn environment. LetterSchool app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store.


LetterSchool for iPhone provides an extraordinary user interface. The objective of the app is to teach young children basics of number system and English alphabets. The app makes use of games in the form of caterpillar stretching along the path of the letter, railroad track and a train that stretch along each portion of the letter, A jewel necklace stretching along the letter path and many more. If the right movement is not utilized the line vanishes and the methodology must be begun once more. After several unsuccessful endeavors the application will at the end of the game give a clue to help with the written work process.

LetterSchool App for iPhone

LetterSchool app brings four games on the screen in the form of intro, tap, trace and write. Intro is about identifying letter shape, sound and name. Tap teaches how to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots to form a correct character/number. TRACE is all about learning the letter trajectory by tracing it and last but not the least WRITE will test one’s knowledge by writing. The key feature of the app is the utilization of animation characters to keep the interest of children active in the learning. The app provides highly effective visual, auditory feedback and star-tokens to let a child practice more and more. It displays different interesting cartoon characters to teach the fundamentals of counting. With the new version available, the bugs are fixed and it doesn’t crash anymore. Besides this, it let your child understands the difference between lowercase and uppercase characters.


LetterSchool for iPhone is a must have application for the ages of children 3 to 7 years. The app require iOS version 6.0 or higher and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Children are usually interested by the sounds, graphics, activities, and animations of an application and this is what LetterSchool is delivering along with teaching of foundations of literacy and numeracy. Get a copy of LetterSchool from App Store to give your child a smarter and pleasant learning experience.

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