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Though the advent of IM’s, Facebook, WhatsApp etc has limited the use of IRC clients, there are still a large number of people who utilize them. The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the oldest chat systems and it still remains as one of the most accepted mode of social networking among many individuals who prefer broadcasting or group chats. And for all those preferring IRC’s, LimeChat app is a full featured IRC client for iPhone users that allows chatting to be done just like you do on the desktop. Coming at a size of a little more than 1 MB and costing about 6$, this wonderful application holds a rating of 4+ in the App Store.


The most significant feature of LimeChat app for iPhone is that it can connect to multiple servers and channels at a time. The interface is clean and clear with enough options for text encodings and other chat supports. The application supports easy navigation through the channels with just a tap on the left or right of the screen. Instead of popups, here there are arrow buttons to indicate the presence of a new message or any other notification. It even vibrates for some specific words if entered anywhere in the message. The SSL support provides complete encryption and security of messages inside the app. There is also a built in browser available within the application to check over the URLs that come along with the message.

LimeChat IRC Client iPhone App

Another main feature of the LimeChat iPhone app is its visual interface for showing user details. There is a ‘Who is’ button describing the name, address, server, client etc of the user , a ‘Talk’ button to start up a private chat with the user and also a ‘Paste Nickname’ button to set a nickname. LimeChat app also runs in the background allowing connections up to 10 minutes after going idle. It also remains connected even if you lock your phone. The screen supports both portrait and landscape orientation. The very small size of the application makes it very much stable and fast without much scope for hangs or crashes.


With around 5 years since its introduction, the LimeChat app is still one of the leading IRC clients in the market and its popularity certainly accounts for its exceptional quality. Its minimum size and maximum features make it a must have IRC client application for all those who still love the Internet Relay Chat system.

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