LineX Icon Pack Android App Review

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LineX Icon Pack for Android is inspired by neon designs have super cool icon designs for all your android devices. The app could easily be the best linear style icon pack in the market. These are exclusive icons that are minimal and linear in design and perfectly blends with any style of smartphone or tablet such that it the icons does not stand out. The app provides a beautiful set of icon designs that can be customized the way you want. You are going to love using your phone even more as the icons pleases your eyes.

Beautiful, Pleasing And Fresh Pack Of Icons

LineX Icon Pack for Android is a simple and intuitive app that helps you increase the beauty of your device. The interface design is slick, modern and user friendly. The installation of the app supports the launcher as well. You ill have to open the app, in the Appy section, select the Launcher to apply. The default launcher provided by the app is Nova. You will find a set of neon designed icons saved under different categories. You will find beautiful wall collection and loads of alternate icons. It has a perfect masking system and if you love the icons to be small you can set it to 85%. For big icons set it to 100% to 120%.

Linex Icon Pack Android App Review


LineX Icon Pack for Android transforms your device and makes it a very pleasurable experience. Most of us check the phone an average of 50 times a day and the icon packs in the app will make it a different experience. The developed the app with 3500 icons and with each update new designs are added that are creative and beautiful. The app now has more than 5000 icons. The icon pack requires a launcher to work and a list of supported launchers are available with the instruction. The app costs $1.09 to download and use.

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