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Are you looking for a simpler way to manage your links especially if you’re using it with a third party non-browser application? Well, there is LinkSwipe Pro app for Android to help you out. It is a utility that let you configure different actions to be performed when you tap and swipe a link in a non browser third party application. You can get LinkSwipe Pro Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


LinkSwipe Pro app for Android provides customizable tap and swipe gestures to activate different actions on a link. For example, you can configure the app in such a way that if you tap and swipe a link in Facebook, you can share it with your friends via email. When using LinkSwipe Pro for Android the first time, it will prompt you to calibrate it. Simply follow the steps as it appears in the screen. Keep in mind that you have to set it as the default app for links. After calibration, you proceed to do the actual set up. It is up to you to choose the gesture command you prefer. You’re also free to choose the application you want. The second available gesture is the one mentioned earlier: tap and swipe the screen to the left.

LinkSwipe Pro App for Android

You can choose the corresponding action for said gesture. I.e. you can choose to share a link to another app, open a link on your web browser, open the link via share chooser, cancelling a link or simply impose no action at all. It has to be noted that these actions will work only when you’re dealing with links on a non-browser application. Functionality wise, the app is quick and responsive. While testing, it quickly responded to gesture commands and link actions. The UI is well designed. On the flip side, you can’t create custom actions such as copying a link and convert it into a non-clickable text URL.


LinkSwipe Pro app for Android provides a decent utility for users looking for a tool to easily manage their links in a non-browser third-party application. The app is easy to configure. It is also pretty stable. The UI is neat easy to use. Take care to set the app as the default app for links. Else it might not work. Overall, a handy utility that let you open, manage and share their links in an efficient manner. Check it out.

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