Literacy Leveler app for iPhone Review

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It is important that you nurture reading habits in your kids. But you should also be careful while recommending the right books to them that suit their age and grade. Literacy Leveler – Lexile Level Scanner app for iPhone does that job for you by helping you choose the right books. You can download Literacy Leveler app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Children’s books are prolific. How do you know which ones are appropriate for your child’s grade or reading level? Literacy Leveler – Lexile Level Scanner app for iPhone could help you out. The app provides 6 level info of books to help you match the right books, including Lexile, GLE(Grade Level Equivalent), DRA(Developmental Reading Assessment), GR(Guided Reading), Age Group and Grade. You just got to scan a book’s ISBN or read the ISBN photo from album to view details like 6 level info, book rating, reviews and introduction. It is also possible to search for a book by ISBN, title and author. In the app, you can create and manage book lists for your children, students and yourself. Find the right books and add them to the list. The app’s support team will endeavour to collect books to expand the database.

The UI of Literacy Leveler app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. Scanning the ISBN code is easy enough. The six level info is pretty clearly displayed for each book. The books in the library are listed in an easy to follow format. The keyword search is precise and robust. You’ll be able to find the result in few seconds. Making a book list is a cake walk. Performance wise, the app is stable. Literacy Leveler app requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Literacy Leveler – Lexile Level Scanner app for iPhone help you find the right books for your kids that suits their age and reading level. It provides 6 level info of books to help you match the right books. The option to search books also by ISBN, title or author is a nice touch. Creating a book list is also equally easy. The UI design is largely user friendly. It is also slick and responsive. Overall, an ideal tool for educators and parents to choose the right books for students/kids.

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